Friday, September 25, 2009

Spinning Floss

I've been dying and spinning embroidery floss for my latest projects. I've been using a tightly wound single. This allows me to twist the fiber tighter or looser depending on the effect I'm trying to achieve. I've had a lot of fun experimenting with dyes.

If you want to see some of my handspun in (embroidery) action, check out my Art Therapy blog.

Friday, September 18, 2009

I knit a bit

This was my traveling to OK project. I love entrelac and Noro Kureyon. Together? Forget about it.
I was a little disgusted by how many Eucalan washes it took to get this shawl clean.

Here is the first wash.
Here in the 5th wash.

Here is the 10th wash. Ew.
We are getting settled in Oklahoma. I'm going to reserve judgement for a while. I don't actually know if I like it here or not. It's really hard to say yet.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Quilted Portraits and Stitched Scenes

This is the first time I've even had my work shown in a gallery, so I'm really excited. Here is 360SEE Gallery's words about the show.

Quilted Portraits & Stitched Scenes is the first exhibition at 360SEE to feature fabric and fiber artwork.
While fiber art is often abstract and can feel unaccessible to many, this exhibition shows amazingly well executed fabric pieces that are approachable both in subject matter (portraits, scenes, and the depiction of representational objects) and in (painting like) presentation.
The exhibition will feature (6) wall hanging portrait quilts by, practicing architect and fine art quilter,
Luke Haynes. Subverting the traditional quilting form by integrating modern concepts, Haynes' art transforms the comfortably familiar into the visually evocative.
The large Haynes' quilts will be joined by embroidered / stitched pieces by Alexandra Walters and Gillian Bates.
Montana via Kansas City based artist
Alexandra (Alex) Walters, explores the identity of illness and the promises of drug marketing from the perspective of a military wife and mother with her sewn series of (5) prescriptions piece titled The Promise of Pills. These "painterly" stitched pills and bottles done in silk, cotton, and rayon floss evoke the promised mood altering result of each medicine with a well chosen found fabric background.
English artist
Gillian Bates will round out the exhibition with (3) illustrative feeling works comprised of stitched line drawings of people and scenes colored in with scrap fabrics on canvas.
Works by:
Luke Haynes
Alexandra Walters
Gillian Bates
All of the pieces in this exhibition are exclusive to 360SEE and embrace the sustainable minded media choice philosophy of the gallery.