Saturday, June 21, 2008

Collecting Wild Bison Fluff

I thought I should post some quick pictures of my fluff collecting. Some of it was found while hiking. Some was just lying on the ground next to the road. Some was sticking to tree bark and fence posts.

The animal in the Capri pants is me, not a strange colored buffalo.
Ba donka donk. I'll have to thank my husband for that.


Alwen said...

You know, there's a farm up the road that raises buffalo.

No, wait, I'm trying to avoid learning to spin!

Indigo Blue said...

Only a husband or close friend could take a photo like that and get away with it! It is the sort of opportunity my husband would take. It did make me laugh and you are a good sport to post it. What will you do with the fluff?

Denise said...

Are those animals right in your neighborhood? I'd die of fright.

SpinalCat said...

That is amazing! Now I've got to hatch a plan to break into the buffalo pen at Golden Gate Park!

Karen said...

My hubby always says to me, "Bend at the knees, honey." Little does he know: my knees no longer bend.