Friday, July 25, 2008

There's a Ninja in my Sweater!

Okay, so I know that bulky yarn on a bulky gal such as myself isn't too flattering. However, I live in Montana. I need snuggly sweaters. I freeze at least eight months out of the year. The handspun single was lumpy and bumpy and I loved working with it. I tried to knit purled gussets on the sides to minimize the tummy, but it didn't work. This sweater will be wonderful for hot tea on Saturday mornings.

The helmet liner is going to Korea with David. I used sock yarn doubled to get gauge. He'll be able to machine wash it. Plus it's so much softer than regular wool. The color is "Sarge" and my Sergeant loves it. (Try on a helmet if you ever get the chance. They are hideously uncomfortable.)


Team Knit ! said...

It's a gorgeous sweater! congrats on a great FO.
- Julie

Lovs2Knit said...

The sweater looks great and super warm! I have worn a helmet, kevlar vest, etc. I swore the helmet was going to snap my head off my neck. :) It's nice not to be active duty anymore!

CraftyGryphon said...

Yeah, David will be the Envy of All for actually having a comfortable helmet liner! Great idea, and great job!

(Sweater rocks, too. It even *looks* snuggly-warm!)

Indigo Blue said...

Not been by for a while but I tagged you on my blog if you would like to pop over.
Best wishes

Indigo Blue said...

Sorry not been bye for a bit. I have tagged you on my blog if you would like to pop over.
Best wishes

Lynn said...

Great sweater! Oh, and you have been tagged!