Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Leave is over

It was fun. I had forgotten how lovely it is to have a husband.
We got tattoos. Fun, huh? Jami went to our church in Great Falls before she moved to Helena. She is an amazing, interesting person. She has fierce faith. I adore her.

The look on his face is priceless.

I had an old (17 years old) tattoo reworked. I was a little ashamed of this tattoo because it was ugly and meaningless. Jami fixed me right up. I had to sit for 2 sessions to get it done, but it was worth every minute. I'll show a picture of the finished piece when it heals.
Here is the obligatory picture of me knitting while she tattooed the yarn and needles. I also have a pair of scissors, a spool of thread, a sewing needle, and a crochet hook.
I've decided to go to Seoul for 2 weeks this summer. I can't wait.
I'll catch up more soon. I've got to concentrate on not scratching my tattoo for a while.


Traci said...

Hi. you're back! I saw that lady at the tattoo place in town! I went there asking if they could fix my 20 year old toe tattoos and they said "No. They will remain ugly because they are on my toes." OK they didn't use the work "ugly" Oh, well.

melissa said...

aww, the family that gets tattooed together, stays together :)

i'm glad you enjoyed your time together. can't wait to see the healed up tattoo pictures. it looks great in progress!