Sunday, April 5, 2009

I knit some socks

I knit three pairs of socks when my husband was home on leave. We were on the road a lot and I don't like to leave home without a sock to knit. The weird thing is that all three pairs match. I guess I didn't get bored because my mind was far from my knitting.

The light pink pair were knit with Patons Kroy Stretch Sock. The colorway is "Sugar." I'll send them to my friend Angela as a random surprise.
I played tennis in high school and never got over the joy of peds. Now that I have a bold tattoo, I'll be knitting quite a few more pairs to show off my ink. They are a great way to get rid of leftovers.
The purple pair are my favorite. I've always like short row heels, but I have never liked the fit. I decided to increase 10 stitches before the short row heel, then decreased them away. The fit is closer to a traditional heel flap, with a deep heel cup that helps the socks stay up. The yarn is a barfy handpaint-gone-bad, so I'll keep them. I plan to knit more socks with this type of heel.
I plan to knit some tabi socks next. The weather here in Montana is wacky. Socks and sandals make sense around here. (I can wear them with my shorts and parka ensemble.)

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Alwen said...

I want to try the Kroy Sock, if I could just get to the store before it's all sold out. I like the hand-dye colors, myself!

Have I said this before here? My foot goes from 9.5 inches at the instep to 12 inches around the heel, so I make short-row heels using more than the standard 50% of the stitches. I usually use about 75%.

I can see that increasing & decreasing would help the fit, too. 50% heels are too shallow for my foot, and they pull down in the back (the back of the heel).