Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I'm required to wear plain scrubs these days. There was a time when I dressed like a Hospital Weird Al. The prints are horrible and unflattering and I actually agree that solid colors look more professional. I can't believe I wore these scrubs in public. Ouch. I am a crafter, though, and I couldn't throw away 30 lbs of fabric without trying to rescue it first.
There are a lot of memories (not to mention blood borne pathogens) lurking in this mess. (Just kidding about the diseases. I've washed and ironed any and all forms of hepatitis to death.)
I cut the tops into 5 inch squares and did a simple 9 patch. The backing is an old sheet. I am really proud of myself for recycling so well. My dog likes it.
I probably have enough 5 inch squares left to make another twin sized quilt. I also have at least 20 lbs of scrubs that haven't been cut. I have a lot of sewing to do.


CraftyGryphon said...

You've got enough fabric for quilts for your family for years... great "recycling" idea.

(And no hospital has the Brightly Loud scrubs for anything else than to get terrified patients to smile/roll their eyes at *something*. This is the Official Word from my "kids" training at the hospital up the road, where the scrubs are LOUD this time of year!)

Julie said...

So pretty! and your little pup looks adorable cuddled up in it.