Monday, December 10, 2007

As if I didn't have enough on the needles...

swallowtail shawl 001, originally uploaded by alexcateye.

My husband did a bit of tsk tsking when he saw me cast on this Swallowtail Shawl from IK Fall 2006. I don't care. The yarn is awesome. (A perfect gift from my dearest friend--a green yarn the exact color of my eyes.)

The dog ate my original copy of this magazine before I really read it. I found the pattern again through Ravelry and my local yarn shop had a back issue.

This project is very fun and the silk is heavenly. Unlike Ick-arus, the actual triangle-building part of the shawl is patterned and engaging.

Unfortunately for me, Captain Smith (my doctor) put me in a "cock up" wrist brace and the knitting is slow. He says I will have to relearn how to knit and spin with the brace on, but that I will pick up speed as I learn to position my hand and wrist. Spinning was effortless because I was teaching myself the long draw woolen technique. Knitting is another story...


CraftyGryphon said...

I keep looking at Swallotail and thinking "you know, you've got yarn for this...". Fortunately, sanity rears its ugly head, and I can tell myself "you know, you've already got FOUR bloody shawls on the needles right now. Five would just be silly."

I fully expect, however, to find that I've cast it on in my sleep one of these days.

Me7of11 said...'re it! One of the rules to getting tagged is that you have to tag 7 more people. Since I don't know 7 bloggers, I randomly selected you (actually, we have somethings in common, so picked you after reading your profile and a few of your entries. Anyway, I hope you'll visit my blog and play along!