Sunday, December 30, 2007

Whew! It's over!

That's me! The fat lady in the puffy, non-flattering, red coat. My mother is in the aqua/purple shirt. My grandmother and daughter should be obvious.

I managed to survive Christmas quite well. I got a ton of knitting related stuff that I really wanted, but didn't ask for. I now have a ball winder and swift. My yarn dresser is now full of perfectly stacked cakes of yarn. I also got the Knit Picks Options Needle Set, the sock yarn sampler in Warm, and a knitter's charm bracelet. I raked it in.

I love the Knit Picks needles. They are sharp, the cords are flexible, and the tips make a really delicate and pretty noise when they click.

We spent Christmas with my family in Havre. We visited my grandmother in the nursing home. Everyone liked their knitted gifts. My stepdaughter loved the footie pajamas (The red and black prisoner stripes--appropriate for a teenager) I sewed for her. It was just a lovely holiday.

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