Saturday, April 19, 2008

Skin Deep

Here is a new embroidery.

I'm not sure what to say about skin. It's the layer where beauty lives and mine is ugly. I have awful skin. I am still breaking out in my thirties. A single mosquito bite will leave a deep red mark--sometimes for up to ten years. My belly ripped into shreds of stretch marks by my second trimester. I have cried buckets over my fragile and sensitive skin.

When it came time for me to do this piece, I was tempted to make it ugly and repulsive. I couldn't do it, though. I wanted this skin to be pretty and flowery. I don't want to focus on negative things any more.

Skin Deep - flash closeup


Melissa said...

Your embroidery is really creative. I love it.

knitnzu said...

I think this is great!

Lynn...aka..Mom, Nanny, Mommoe said...

I like you! I think we might have been sisters in another life. You remind me alot of myself!

Veronica said...

Wow- that's awesome work. I came over when you commented on my blog, and then realized that I had seen your embroidery before, on Craft, I think. It's amazing, and I suspect it's pretty therapeutic. I am too chicken to try anything but really cutesy stuff, but your piece is an inspiration.

Also: I have terrible skin, too (I have gone temporarily blind from massive eczema on my eyelids. yikes). My husband recently introduced me to the magic that is jojoba oil, and I am so much better for it!

infinityforever said...

i love this, your embroidery is stunning, good luck out there. xx