Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I got tagged for an award!

Actually, I have been given 2, but I keep spacing out blogging about them. Cher, gave me the helper award and Lynn gave me the BFF award. Sorry it took me so long to blog about this. I've been so wrapped up in my own problems for so long that I forget about the good things that happen.
I am supposed to pass the Helping Hand award on to 5 people.
Fat Free Susan, for all the recipes. I really thought I'd end up one of those people who have to be lifted out of bed with a whale crane. Now I know I can make tons of great stuff that won't clog my arteries.
Zakka Life, for the great craft ideas--even the ones that have nothing to do with yarn.
Alwen, for the everyday life observations.
Tiny Happy, for taking pure serenity, turning it into craft, then taking awesome pictures of it.
Ms. Bellwether, for answering so many of our questions.
Crafty Gryphon, because she's supportive and funny.
I want to tag you all, but I spent hours in a clinic trying to get rid of a headache and I'm tired. I read tons of blogs and it's nice to know all of you. Blogging is a lot like having imaginary friends, expect that I'm an adult and no amount of therapy will make you go away. Yay!
Guess what, my headaches are stress related! Surprised, huh? If I don't stop grinding my teeth soon, I'll have powdered teeth and a permanent headache. My jaw muscles are like biceps, they are so strong.
I have a craft related post coming soon. It's awesome blogging with you guys.


Amelia, belle of The Bellwether said...

Oh wow :) Thanks for the award.

kawaii crafter said...

thank you passing an award on to me, I always appreciate it :)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow... don't hurt your teeth!I hope there's something that you can do to get rid of the stress and headaches.
Please don't worry about OK. I am just a mean moaner.. it's not all bad. If you move by OKC we have a beautiful new Bricktown and river walk. The zoo is awesome, and the Myriad Gardens are magical. Plus there's a new basketball team and the Ford Center which is kickin'! Lots of other great things too!