Monday, February 9, 2009

More Weaving

I've been sick lately. I haven't gotten a lot done. I am knitting two gifts for my husband and I need to finish them before he comes home at the end of this month.

I am actually a little worried about my husband's mid tour leave. It's been 6 months, but it feels like years. I know that I'll probably try too hard to make his vacation perfect and end up feeling like a failure and melting down. You can't turn Montana in February into Disney Land for 3 weeks. I'm pretty sure David expects this from me. He knew I was a super size helping of crazy when he married me.

I know that most of you read this blog for the knitting. I'm pretty sure than my loom lust will fade eventually. There will be more knitting and embroidery soon. I have a wonderful piece of linen that I want to embroider. Uneven weave is the new even weave.

My husband told me that he misses my knitting. I miss slouching on the couch with him and knitting my way through crappy television. I'll have to knit him some more socks while he's here and irritate him by making him try them on every 15 rows.
The purple handspun blanket is done. I put a single crochet edge on it, then got a horrible cold. This blanket has been my best friend for a few days. Kinda like The Velveteen Rabbit, only wool.
I finished a new pillow to replace the blue one the dog has claimed. It's pretty rustic, but I like it that way. I started a new blanket in red and brown, but I've been too tired and sick to warp the second half.
At least we get to buy a new sofa in Oklahoma. This busted-down piece of crap eats scissors and double pointed knitting needles. I'm taking a set of dpns with me to the furniture store when we pick out the new one. If it swallows any of the needles and forces me to flip it over and get pinched in metal bars and snagged by nails, it's staying there.


Cher said...

Awww.. sorry youare sick. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Nice blanket and nice pillow! You really do a wonderful job!

You are buying a sofa in Oklahoma? Well if you are around Oklahoma City, Check out Mathis Brothers furniture store. They have great stuff. :-)

Alwen said...

Weave all you like - it's all fiber arts!

CraftyGryphon said...

Hey, you feel better, too. The blanket - and you - are just amazing. You'll have me weaving yet!

Oiyi said...

Oh God, I have loom envy!! Love the projects.