Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wake and Bake

Fable is adjusting well. She has taken over David's ragged hand knit pillow. She kneads it like bread with her front paws before she takes her nap. So cute.
What a difference 10 years makes. Wake and bake in my 30s means that I get up and start baking with the oven.

I'm making whole wheat soft pretzels. My house smells like the food court in my hometown mall. Yum.

I warped my bulky heddle. This was so much easier. Ashford rigid heddles fit on Kromski Harp looms--and they are cheaper and come in bulkier dpi.

I used my handspun Beaverslide Merino that has been languishing for over a year. I don't enjoy knitting with large gauges very much and I can't wear this color without looking jaundiced, so I decided to weave a blanket. I warped about 10 feet and I'll cut the finished piece in half and sew the halves together to make a square shape.
Weaving with handspun yarn is actually easier and more pleasant than the cotton I started with. Plus the flaws look intentional. Bonus.


Alwen said...

mmmm, soft pretzels!

When I was a kid we got a recipe out of National Geographic Kids, and I still use it. Yum!

Isn't weaving satisfying? And magical!

Marissa said...

"Wake and bake in my 30s means that I get up and start baking with the oven."

I snorted coffee out my nose with this, thank you for the laugh!

CraftyGryphon said...

Oooo... that looks pretty...

You realize, of course, that thanks to you, I had the brilliant idea of making Angora "linen" for cross-stitch, since I'm not allergic to rabbits. My husband is *actually* trying to decide if getting me a bunny or two would save us money in the long run! Yikes!!

Crafty Nurse Mary said...

Love your Blog! I'm trying to learn to weave, and found you on the RH group on Ravelry. Thanks for the tips!

tamdoll said...

Oh, those pretzels look good. Mine last week were a disaster! I'm going to have to try again soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I left you an award on my blog, if you choose to accept it. Thanks for having such a great blog!