Wednesday, January 28, 2009

French knots make cancer cells look lovely

cervical dysplasia 007, originally uploaded by alexcateye.

Here's an old embroidery I did. It's my depiction of cervical dysplasia. I know it's no fun, but don't forget get to get the vajayjay checked. I have been dealing with cervical dysplasia (a bad pap) for a couple of years. I don't like the procedures I've gone through, but the sooner you catch it, the less invasive the treatment is. I can say 100% that it's better than dying, losing your fertility, or having organs removed.

I promised another blogger that I'd post this little Public Service Announcement. Check out her post here:

I believe in the the power of self-imposed art therapy. Take your problem, stab it with a needle a few thousand times, and make it look pretty. Control it. Own it. Move on.


Anonymous said...

I love that line... "Control it. Own it. Move on." especially when it oomes to your body. It's words to carry with you every day, and I love that.

Marty said...

Thanks for your words and for the link to slapthatpony. My SIL is battling cervical cancer right now. She can't have surgery because of other health issues, so is going through chemo and radiation. Her prognosis is good, she's about a third of the way through the treatment, and at the end we're going on a cruise. I think that she kind of ignored her own health because she spent 25 years taking care of a sick husband, whom she lost a year ago.

Her daughter had treatment for cervical dysplasia and went on to have two children.

I have faith that Irene will be just fine!!!!!