Saturday, January 24, 2009

X is for...

I totally forgot to finish my ABC Along last year. Here is my X. I was proud of the X in my first name as a kid. I got teased a lot for having a boys' name, but somehow the X made up for it. A couple of years ago, I was at a party where everyone was picking out their stage names in case they ever became pr0n stars. Mine was Alexxxandra. My real name sounds more fake than any fake name I could invent. That still cracks me up.

Since a picture of Alexxx is frightening, here is an X I make every day.
I am working on Sgt. Husband's second sock. He gets leave 2/26 for 3 weeks. There is no point in explaining how excited I am since the English language only has a quarter of a million words.

I'm working on a scrap blanket. I have the loom put up until I can trust the dog not to chew on the wood. I am weaving it in two vertical pieces. The yarn is leftovers from everything and a skein of banana silk that I bought in a moment of yarn foolishness. I bought blanket binding to hide my edges. It might be pretty.

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Lovs2Knit said...

I'm playing blog catch up right now. Hubby almost didn't come home from Korea for mid-tour. We were swimming in debt. The responisble thing would have been for him to not come home and he would have stayed if it wasn't for our oldest (she was 13 months old when he came home).
We booked through the tickets through the base travel office which saved us several 100 dollars and were allowed to make payments. We still ended up putting half the cost on our credit card.