Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'd hang it next to my toilet

The Polish newspaper packing was endearing.
My loom got here Monday, just as I was coming down with a horrible cold. It took me four hours to put it together and warp it. I was sweating buckets just turning wood screws. I was coughing so loudly that I couldn't hear the instructional video. I also had to take a little catnap before I could wrap the warp. Common sense and I are not close friends.
My first project was washcloths. I warped with Patons Grace and used Cotton Tots for the weft. I did a simple zigzag stitch on the sewing machine for the edges and let the edges fringe like cut off denim. They are a bit crooked and ugly, but fluffed up nicely after a wash and dry. I have a semi-elaborate nightly skincare ritual and I love soft washcloths.

Fringe closeup
The hot pink thing is a hand towel. The warp is more Patons Grace (a good weight for my 10 dent heddle) and the weft is Peaches and Cream. The mercerized cotton in Grace is strong and shiny, but not absorbent. The Cheapo and Cream is absorbent, but a bit bulky for my heddle. Together they make a great little hand towel. I did a double fold hem with a running zigzag stitch.
I'd hang it next to my toilet with pride.

My edges are rough, but I am pretty patient. My cold is going away and I have more energy and concentration.
I am warping a narrow scarf with Vickie Howell Rock. Third time seems to be a charm. This warping went much smoother and was much easier. The yarn has hemp and soysilk, so I am hoping for drape.


Anonymous said...

sweet looking. glad you are having fun with your new toy.

CraftyGryphon said...

OK, that's very cool.

(I'm not allowed to start weaving anything until I get the spinning thing down better, though. Don't let me!)

life in yonder said...

love, love, love.