Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The color of teenage joy

I finished a scarf. I used Vickie Howell Rock and Kidsilk Haze held together for the weft and plain Rock for the warp. It's about 9 inches wide and 9 feet long. The hemp and soysilk give it great drape. The KSH gives it a fluffy halo.

Cindi (teenage stepdaugher) has been admiring this scarf. She watches me use the loom like I'm television. I know how much she likes it. I'm giving it to her with a matching hot pink iPod for her birthday next month. I'm also thinking about getting her a little loom. She's never taken to knitting, but seems fascinated by weaving.

I registered both vehicles today. I brought my knitting and didn't get a chance to take it out of my purse. I got the young rogue clerk today. She got me out of there in 20 minutes and I honestly didn't have my poop in a group. She took my ratty stack of papers and made them work. Some people are so awesome--imagine how great a person would have to be to shine at the DMV.

I got my copy of Hands on Rigid Heddle Weaving. I recommend it to anyone who is a new RH loom owner. I also ordered Women's Work: the First 20,000 Years (to qualify for free shipping--I'm a sucker for free shipping) and it's completely, utterly amazing. If you've ever had an interest in Women's History, you'll love it. The author examines ancient textiles as a means to understand the everyday lives of women in the past. It's fascinating. I also recommend Blood, Bread, and Roses, by Judy Grahn if you can find a copy.

Funny how ending up a housewife had inspired me to study feminism more than I ever did when I single and childless. It's easy to take choices for granted when you haven't made them yet.
I am woman, hear me rant.


Traci said...

I'm guessing your teen doesn't read your blog. You're a good mom--a handmade item and an ipod---nice!

Alwen said...

My mom got me a potholder loom when I was around 8, then a rigid heddle, then a floor loom when I was 16. I guess she figured if I was already addicted to fiber, drugs wouldn't have a chance? All I knew was I feel so together and connected when I'm weaving.

I love Women's Work. Mummies of Urumchi is fun, too, lots of textile photos.

CraftyGryphon said...

Hm. I'll add "Women's Work" to my wish-list on your recommendation.

The scarf is awesome!! (I will not get a loom. I will not get a loom. I must finish learning to spin first.)