Sunday, May 17, 2009

Division of Labor

Red Heart & Sole socks, ankle high on size 1 needles. One ball makes a pair, what a bargain. Peds are the perfect sock for showing off badass knitting tattoos.

I finished the Wellbutrin piece and blogged about it here. Other exciting self-guided art therapy projects will join it soon.

I lost a percentage of the readers at Knit-R-Done by posting so much about the personal struggle and artistic expression I experience though embroidery. I'm trying to keep the knitting, spinning, and crochet projects over here and embroidery there. I'm a bit in limbo trying to decide what to post and where.

My knitting projects are still going strong. Knitting is a constant in my life. Knitting is easy to do in a waiting room. Knitting isn't going anywhere. I decided to take my Prozac capsule to my daughter's ballet class to work on while I waited. Not. Smart. Did I mention that I live in a tiny town where people look at you like you're batshitcrazy if you're embroidering a giant antidepressant in public? There will be plenty of knitting posts in the future.

If you read this blog for the artsy fartsy stuff, most of it will be posted on my new blog from now on.

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