Monday, May 11, 2009

Handspun Linen Crocheted Bags

I used all of my handspun flax. I made a few sturdy bags with some of it. I like a crossbody net bag for farmers' markets and vacations.

It's light and strong. It was easy to make. I didn't bother with a pattern. I improvised a single crochet bottom, double crochet body, and a single crochet strap. I can't wait to take this baby to Korea this summer.


Marty said...

Too funny! I made up a bag just like that a few years ago. I made a few of them, actually. In fact, I was rooting through the trunk of my car yesterday and ran across one of them in my "be prepared" box. It occurred to me that I should be using it.

CraftyGryphon said...

Hey, it came out great. You've turned lots of fun fun with flax into a useful bag, which is a double-win in my book!

Marissa said...

those are so cute!