Saturday, August 1, 2009

Meet Me in the Dayroom

I updated my other blog, Self-Guided Art Therapy. I'm still not sure which posts belong here and which belong there. I don't want to repeat myself too much, but if you are interested in my fiber art, the new blog is where it's at. I think of Knit-R-Done as a craft blog.
The best thing would be to subscribe to both blogs. I'm just saying.

My latest piece is Lithium. I hope you like it.


Lynn said...

This is so cute! I love the way you do these. Good job!

karen said...

Hi, thanks so much for the comment. You should have said hello before! It's really good to hear from you, Karen.

Jo Ashcroft said...

Hey there, just wanted to say I love your embroidery of meds. You are such an inspiration to someone like me with mental health issues and a love of embroidery!!! Good luck with the move