Friday, May 16, 2008

J is for...

Jets. There are advantages to living on an Air Force Base.

Last year the Canadian Snowbirds came for the annual Malmstrom Open House and one crashed. David and I had snuck off for a nooner and joked that we had been "busted" when we heard the sirens.

Then David got called in to work.

I sincerely hope that they have a successful show this year.

Here is the view from my front yard.


Lovs2Knit said...

It loses it's appeal when you live on a fighter wing base that has all types of jets/planes/bombers flying at all hours of the night. Not to mention foreign militaries bringing their toys to play in exercises. :~) Life on a fighter wing is anything but boring. I was so glad to leave and come here. Things are much more quieter.

Team Knit ! said...

Wow, those are some incredible photos! I don't think I've ever seen an air show.... not for lack of availability though, I'm sure!

- Julie

knitnzu said...

Hey Alexandra! Thanks for the comment over on my blog. I love finding 'new' readers!! Jets is good... I've been pondering 'J', all I come up with is Just. Just what? It varies with my mood. your prozac embroidery is good, are those chemical diagrams there too?

CraftyGryphon said...

Okay, that's pretty cool for a from-your-yard display. Much better than when I lived right next to Stapleton Airport (now replaced by DIA) in Denver... we never got to see any fancy flying (although there was that one time a 727 mistook the AFB just to the south for the actual airport, and had to to the hardest bank-left I've ever seen a commercial airliner do to make it to the *right* runway... RIGHT over our parking lot!).