Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Sometimes I hate the military.

I went to get my medicine this morning and the clinic was on lock down for an exercise. There are helicopters and machine guns everywhere. I can't have my medicine.

I can't go to the gym to work out my frustration.

I can't buy groceries like I need to.

This base is playing war. Now I get to play lonely wife.

I can't dispute my stepdaughter's medical bills because only a natural parent can talk to Tricare about claims. I am, however, responsible to pay that bill. I just can't see it. My husband needs to give me written permission to see the bill that I am required to pay--written permission from Korea.

I can't see my husband. I can't call him. I have nobody to lean on.

I sit and cry and listen to the helicopters.

And wait.

And wait.


CraftyGryphon said...


It's insane that you can't just get a medical/bill POA for her, and that's that. (I think all branches of the military are insane like that.)

Lovs2Knit said...

Hubby needs to go talk to legal over in Korea and have power of attorneys written up. You need a general power of attorney, a special one for finance and I'm betting you will probably need a special one for medical. With these you can take care of everything that you need to without getting your husband involved. We got them when my hubby went to Korea and I've gotten them when hubby and sister have deployed.