Friday, September 5, 2008

Q is for...

...a quick project. I had some Knit Picks bulky weight alpaca from a while ago and decided to crochet a super warm scarf with it. I don't think I can stand alpaca on my neck, but I'll find someone who can.

My quirk is to take extra winter accessories to events here on base--ski trips, hayrides. I often go home empty handed and bare headed. I can't stand to see anyone be cold, hungry, or teased. I react. David and I went snowshoeing last year and I gave away as many handspun and handknit items as I could. I even got orders for more. Some of the kids who enlist are from the South and have no idea how to keep themselves warm. I feel so maternal around them. I can't help myself.


Anonymous said...

Oh, the color of that yarn is wonderful! And what a cool idea - I wonder if I can give away a hat or two around here this winter.

CraftyGryphon said...

"The kids from the South..." (what, Wyoming? Or the truly misplaced, from, say, Alabama? How would those even SURVIVE up there?)

I like the idea of you covering the helpless (hopeless?) in piles of woolly goodness!