Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fuzzy Goodness

Here are some pictures of some recent spinning. The colorful yarn was made by plying a softly spun wool with multiple layers of fly tying thread. It's very scribblish. The black and white yarn was a pain in the rump. I made it as a tribute to a dog we no longer have. I strung pompons on quilting thread and made a boucle out of a thick-n-thin single. I intend to make a headband/earwarmer for my snowboarding stepdaughter, but I'm waiting a bit for the shock of losing Hydro (the dog) to wear off a little. I have a Louet S17 wheel. It's great for bulky and novelty yarns, not so great for pretty, technically proficient yarns. I'm looking into getting a faster flyer.

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