Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Icarus is the leading over the counter wool sleep aid with no risk of dependency. I can only handle a few rows of the increases before drooling on myself. (In a bad way.)

I planned to knit this for the Air Force Ball. I am only 283 stitches into over 500. The ball was a few weeks ago. (I didn't go anyway. I just didn't feel like it. I don't know why. Maybe it was the thought of attending without a hand knit doodad.)

The project has been a mess from the start. I bought the yarn on a trip to Bozeman. It was boiling hot outside and the streets were torn up. My husband and 4 year old were tolerant of my shopping, but wilted. When the clerk offered to wind the skein for me, I declined. I started winding in car on the way home. Three and a half hours later, I had started the fourth tiny ball and had wasted about 100 yards to hideous knots. It took me eight hours to finish winding due to the mess I made in the car.
I got to put the flannel sheets on the bed this morning. My husband is a sweaty sleeper, but these babies are 100% cotton. They are snugglish for the crispy, cool weather. Nice.

Maybe I'll finish Icarus for Christmas. Maybe next year, or the next.

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