Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thank You, Mountain! May I Have Another?

Okay, so Ski Patrol had to escort me down the mountain this time. I was sobbing and I felt like an utter failure. I was sure that my husband would be ashamed or disappointed. He was actually proud. No matter how badly I mess up... no matter how scared I get... I keep coming back for more. I keep trying. I won't and can't give up. I used to be terrified of heights. Fear is ugly and useless and I am defeating it bit by bit.

This garter stitch scarf is my lodge knitting. It's simple and soothing. I'm using some of my handspun "dryer lint" yarn. The bouncy texture of the yarn and the energy of garter stitch are pulling the rows together to make the fabric appear roughly woven. Nice.

My Etsy shop was so badly neglected after my brother's accident that I've been cancelling listings and knitting with the yarns. I plan to list a bunch more next year before we move to England, but I'm not terribly motivated right now.

If you belong to Ravelry, you can snatch up some of my yarns. My user name is Kniterdone. Friend me. Don't me shy.


Kigagore said...
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danielle said...

I'm terrified of skiing, entirely because I'm likely to injure myself walking on a level surface, much less hurtling myself down a mountain. Hmm, maybe with your inspiration I'll try year.