Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cloudy Cowl

cloudy 004, originally uploaded by alexcateye.

My sweater finished blocking. It's hard to see from the picture, but it has about 2 inches of ease. I love it. I took all of the leftovers I had and made a quick easy cowl.

I cast on 50 stitches with a size 11 needle using a provisional cast on and smooth linen waste yarn.

I knit every row until I had 5 feet left.

I picked out the cast on, put the stitches on a spare circular needle, twisted the work 1/2 of a turn, and grafted. Easy.

Grafting is easier than people say it is. Just ignore the directions and use your tapestry needle to make an imaginary row of stitches in between the two needles. When people tell you how to do it, they just mess you up.

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Angela (Knit-or-Dye) said...

This sweater is absolutely beautiful! Why can't *I* pull all the stuff out of my theoretical knitter's ass that you pull out of yours???! You must knit in your sleep, I swear to God.

I saw the pics before you blocked, .. me likey sweater -with- the cowl better. I don't know, maybe it's just the way the lucious fabric looks draped against your neckline? No, I am not a pervert. I just enjoy rubbing skeins of baby alpaca and other assorted choice fibers against my bare *ahem*. nevermind.

Well, anyway, good job :)