Thursday, November 1, 2007

Le Steek, Le Chic

I knit 'er done. Actually, I stitched 'er done. I sewed that zipper three times before I figured out I had to sew it by hand. Then I added a little onto the collar so the back of my neck won't freeze. I think I'm ready for ski season. (Ready for hot toddy season anyway.)

Yarn: My handspun, plus oddments of Lamb's pride
Needles: Size 7 circular, 2 circulars for sleeves; sewing needles for steek and zipper
Pattern: None, except I borrowed the chart for Cheesy Love from Knitty so I could have some hearts on my sleeve, cuz I roll like that.

In other news, I bought some sweater stamps at the post office. The lady at the counter was a little freaked out by my enthusiasm. I'm sure they've seen nerds freaking out over stamps before...they sell Star Wars stamps there. Oh well, at least I did her the service of making her feel normal and well adjusted for the day!


shellee said...

oh wow! you are a talented knitter!

Angela said...

I bought these exact same stamps while I was at the Post Office mailing your package and the counter-guy almost had to ask me to leave the store quietly with my purchase.. I was so excited about them. Why don't "normal people" understand knitters?