Sunday, November 4, 2007

Wide Open Spaces

We dropped Izzy off at Grandma's house today. My mother has a new chihuahua puppy and she wanted him to meet Iz. He's adorable, but doesn't yet allow flash photography. (I guess it makes him pee on the carpet.)

I finished a requested pair of slippers for my Aunt Peggy. They are hideous. They look like something you'd steal from a demented nursing home patient "for her own good." Oh well, they're done.

On the way home, I started a sweater with my cloudy blue handspun. It matched the sky perfectly.


lori said...

I stopped by from Craftster and I have to say... These pics are making me very homesick for Saskatchewan! Beautiful.

Lesley (Toque) said...

I love the slippers! They look downright cozy and warm, which is what's important! :)