Thursday, November 15, 2007

Half-Tatted Feathered Fishing Fly Bracelet

This is my Whip Up Whiplash entry. CLICK for more info.

My stepdaughter is in the Fishing Club in school. I wanted to make her a little frippery to show that some fisherman are, in fact, pretty girls.

If you choose to make a feathered bracelet for yourself, it will be a great introduction to the motion of tatting. The entire bracelet is made with one half of the double stitch repeated. Remember hair wraps from the '90's? This is even easier.

I began by sketching out a couple of tatting shuttle shaped pieces on cardboard. I cut them out and loaded them each with a different color of Orlon fly tying thread. If you don't have any available, lace weight yarn, embroidery floss, or woolly nylon would make fine substitutes.
I chose a sturdy scrap yarn for the base. I tied a slip knit halfway down the 36 inch length and hung it from a doorknob. It would be just as easy to loop the knot over the arm of a chair. The point is that you'll want tension to keep the work straight and even.

I attached the first shuttle with another slip knot.

The stitch is simple. Make the thread look like the letter C. Slide the shuttle between the base yarn and the shuttle yarn. Repeat.

Give some slack. Make a loop. Dive the shuttle between the base yarn and the loop you just made.

Every ten knots or so, push your work towards the end with your thumbnail to keep it tight and neat.

When you're ready to add a feather, pinch it in place with your free hand and wrap the shuttle 360 degrees around a few times to hold it still. Then start your knots. Leave as much or as little of the feather free as you like.

If you'd like to add a second color, hide the end under a feather.

Tie the second shuttle on. Let the first shuttle dangle. Work all of the second color on top of the base yarn and the first shuttle's thread. Easy.
Continue adding feathers and changing colors until piece measures desired length.
Cut ends 1/2" longer than finished length and overlap.
Wrap shuttle 360 degrees around join until all base yarn is hidden, then finish with 3 or 4 knots.
Trim ends to feather height.
Alternately, any type of jewelry clasp could be sewn on instead. Because this will be worn by a teenager, I know it will be worn constantly until it disintegrates and a clasp would be unnecessary.


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Angela said...

The idea of tatting seems so complicated, but the way you laid out the tutorial is magnificent! This project looks not only fun to make but fun to wear... Was your step-daughter amazed and astounded with your skills? You always seem to come up with the coolest stuff (jealousy rearing its head).

Miss you Muchly

Angela said...


Congrats on winning the contest! You deserved it! You are so talented and creative.. it's nice to get recognition for that once in a while, huh?

Oh yea... I am thinking of "Knit-or-Dye" as my screen name, goofy, right?

Love ya!

kathreen said...

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can you please email me your address so I can get your whiplash prize out to you. whipup[@]
cheers and congratulations