Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fat Baby Cables

I never thought I'd own a pair of cowboy boots. I was a sulky teenager stomping around in combat boots (even under my dresses.) I was never a country music fan. I've never ridden a horse.

Then I married David...

I know who Keith Urban is. I've been to two rodeos. I know the names of several professional bull riders and can recognize them on television. I also own two pairs of Fat Babies the coolest, comfiest boot ever! I have bad foot problems, but I love these boots. Fat Baby Cable Socks were knit to match my red/tan pair of boots. I used Wildfoote sock yarn on size 0 needles and used fly tying thread as a carrying yarn to get a heathered effect. I did a traditional heel flap to prevent wear and tear. I also did a row of purls along the toe to make them look a bit more like commercial socks.

I'm rural. It's not so bad.

Speaking of rural, my dad never tells me what he wants for Christmas. While shopping for a new rabbit hutch, we came across this product:

I'm not sure of its exact function, but it's a sportsman's necessity. Next time he'll request socks...I can just feel it!


Lavender said...

Heh! Sometimes I'm such a kid! Things like that Monkey Butt Powder I love!

Your spinning is really beautiful. Love the bright vibrant colours.

Stephanie said...

I love those socks!!

marie said...

I love the socks and they look great with the boots!