Monday, October 8, 2007

Floats and Ends

I've been a busy bee. My four year old is at Grandma's this week. I got the carpets shampooed. (It was starting to look like a crime scene in here.) I'm also getting some serious knitting done. I'm using handspun yarn like someone is going to come take it away from me. I'm in the process of weaving in these ends, then I'm going to steek, baby. I'm not only going to slice the front of my sweater, but the front of a sweater made from my own yarn! Now I know why people need a stiff drink to do this. In fact, this end weaving business might just be procrastination. It sounds more my style to wait and weave in the ends after I've sewn in the zipper and worn it in the Christmas card photos.

This sweater is almost as precious to me as one of my childhood dogs. I can't wait to finish. I'll post an outside-out pic later. For now, it's just inside-out.

I will never felt with SWS again. The slippers turned out looking like they were made from a yetti/yak hybrid. (Like a Lyger, but furry in a very bad way.) They were a 1000 times worse than Lamb's Pride. Maybe it's because I knit continental style? I don't know. I have seen other felting pictures online that looked shiny and smooth. Not mine. Fortunately, my teenage stepdaughter thought they looked cool. Good for her. I think it's got to be child abuse in some states, but if it makes her happy...

Since I won't felt with SWS, I don't see the point in ever buying it again. It was scratchy and splitty. It seems best to just buy soy/bamboo/etc. online. The box stores try to get on the train, but they miss the mark. The whole point of soy in the SWTC line is that it's cool and silky, not rough and splintery. Such is life in the sticks.

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