Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Time to start holiday knitting

I found the Fiber Trends Ballet Slipper pattern I intended to knit for all my female family members last year. I hadn't even started a single slipper. My husband and I went trolling around the shopping center with Petco and Michael's last night. (He has a fish tank problem like my knitting problem, just ask our cichlids.) I picked up some SWS, Lion Wool, and Classic Merino and decided to start doing something ahead of time for a change. It'll give me a chance to have a box store yarn felting/fulling comparison.

The SWS yarn is very softly spun. It's almost a cotton candy of a yarn. It's shiny and fun. It's almost like knitting with something I would have spun myself. (I would never, ever shrink my own yarn - it hurts to think of it.) I'm afraid it will be hairy and awful, like fulled Lamb's Pride, but the sample hanging in the store was dense and lovely.
We'll see.

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