Tuesday, October 16, 2007

3-ply yarn, 4-ply moron

I finally figured out how to Navajo ply! I'm pretty pleased with it. The only real drawback seems to be the little kinks where the thick spots triple themselves, but those are few and tend to work out after setting the twist. This finished targhee yarn had a nice, tight spin and is going to be a hat for my husband. He keeps his hair less than a fourth an inch long for work and loosely spun wools pill on his head. I tested the skein on his freshly buzzed scalp today and he has aproved this yarn. I'm thrilled.

It's a good thing I'm dyeing this skein black (the only color cap he's allowed to wear with BDU's) because I was stupid and tied up the skein with black scrap yarn and it bled onto the new yarn. That was dumb. The yarn is cooking away in the crockpot. I'll figure out a good beanie style cap pattern with folded brim and deep ribbing. I've already researched and found out that this type of hat is acceptable with the new Air Force uniform, the ABU. Sweet.

My 2-ply yarns are getting tighter and smaller in gauge each bobbin. I just spun enough sport weight to make a pair of socks and it is so bouncy and squishy. I love it. It's almost like elastic. It snaps instantly back into shape when stretched. I heart spinning.

The green strand is a commercial worsted weight yarn for comparison.

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