Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fuzzy pink sweater

Today was one of those days that make me glad to be a stay at home mom. There are days when I'd love to kiss everyone goodbye and forget their problems and demands for eight hours...sometimes there are a lot of those days.

Today we took bread to the ducks in Paris Gibson Square and went shopping downtown. Izzy loves the sweater I made her, even though she's almost outgrown it now that it's actually cold enough to wear it. It's a pieced raglan (my first not knit from the top down.) I found out how much I love mattress stitch. I'm a natural born stitcher, but I have always dreaded seaming sweaters. I've knit everything in the round my whole life, but I didn't have enough Moda Dea Dream for the entire sweater. I knit the body fuzzy and the sleeves smooth. Mattress stitch is actually kind of fun and magic. Unlike fabric sewing, it's invisible. Neat.

We found a great quilt shop. They were charmed by Izzy and gave her a fat quarter. It took her 20 minutes to pick one out. Then she got a nail file with their business name on it and stood there gossiping and doing her nails and talking about all of the things she wanted to make. Wow. She does a great impression of a crazy craft lady. I wonder where she gets that.

The sign is hilarious -- and true. I love my life. I love my few true friends.


kathy welsh said...

Your comment on my blog made me was awesome! Thanks for reading, and I will be posting again soon. I'll also be reading more of your blog as well; knitting info; cool!

mariss said...

Your daughter is adorable, and good for her to be choosy with her free fabric :)

I'm also quite impressed you spun dryer lint? Very cool.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!