Monday, October 1, 2007

He's Actually Wearing Them

Happy Socktoberfest! I knit these socks for David on our honeymoon that we never got to take. Actually, we didn't get to take it this time, either. David's ex wife can sniff the air outside her trailer and detect any fun we might be planning. She immediately finds the quickest way to ruin it. Instead of our honeymoon that we never got to take, we went to my grandparents' cabin in Red Lodge, MT with all of the kids. It was lovely, but I spent the first few days pouting that my plans had been ruined again.

I sat in the recliner for hours at a time, knitting these socks and ignoring the children as they whined about how boring the cabin was.

They are Roza's Socks, by Grumperina. I increased the stitch count to 72 and used Reggia Tweed sock yarn.

Saturday was cold and rainy and I grabbed the forgotten socks and put them on David's feet. He wore them all day. I was pretty happy. This is the first time David has ever worn anything I've knit. Sometimes sour half-victories are still victories.

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