Sunday, October 21, 2007

Yarn for dinner again?!?

I now have enough yarn spun and dyed to knit David a watch cap and a helmet liner. He actually requested the helmet liner for work. That's a first for him. He may actually start liking my little obsession.

I started knitting a sock with some leftover Magic Stripes. Why is it when I start linking a Lion Brand yarn they discontinue it? I hate this colorway - Lumberjack is more like Goth-icky. I'm going to overdye it.

Cheap yarn deserves cheap dye. I'm thinking the purple RIT with mellow out all of the grey, white, and red into a soft, dark violet/bruise-looking stripey thing. I'll see.


Stephanie said...

love the yarn in the crock pot :D Thanks for coming by my blog - as luck would have it, we've had a cold front moved through and I've been able to snuggle in with the shawl!

N. Maria said...

Yarn for dinner! Mmmm, mmmm, good!
That's the best.

Ava said...

dying in a crockpot! what brilliant idea! where can I get instructions?