Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Steek--my hands have finally stopped shaking

I steeked my sweater. It was scary. I didn't think I would freak out like I did. I've sewn since I was 7 years old and my seams were crooked and shaky. I had to sew three lines to get a space wide enough to cut through. Whew. It's over.

I sewed both sides with a short, rather narrow zigzag stitch afterwards, just to make double-extra sure it wouldn't unravel. Instead of button bands, I'm sewing a 22 inch separating zipper, so I finished the edges of the steek with 4 stitch atatched I cords.

I am considering sewing a lining because my wedding ring is already wanting to catch on the floats.

I attempted another pair of the ballerina slippers from Fiber Trends. I tried the mary jane strap style this time. I didn't have any better luck. I sewed the straps down with cotton thread to make sure they didn't get twisted and gnarly. The straps weren't the problem. The toe box on the first pair were unusually short. The heels on this pair are unusually high and the sides are wide. I'm too ashamed to give these to anyone for Christmas. I'm going to try to shape them a little better, but I give up on this pattern. I'm going for fireside footies next. http://www.pippikneesocks.com/blog/fireside-footies/


Susan said...

Is that a Kauni Cardigan done in Black and Red?!?!? NICE job on the steek! I am not there yet...

N. Maria said...

You are so brave with your steek cutting!! *gulp
Beautiful knitting.