Saturday, October 27, 2007

Corspe raiding, just in time for Halloween

My favorite purse was violated by my knitting project last week. (My emergency/waiting room sock wormed it's way through the side.) I want to sew something similar, so I decided to harvest the hardware in an attempt to reuse what I can. (Notions get expensive.)

First, I snipped out the lining. The toggles on the outside just cut out, no problems.

The magentic snap required the use of a screwdriver, but the flaps lifted up easily enough.

Now I have all of the guts required to sew my new purse!


Stephanie said...

That is SUCH a good idea! I bet you can save $ by buying bags at yard sales and taking the hardware from them. Great idea!

Anonymous said...

Is this the orange purse I gave you! Oh my goodness! I am about to have a heart-attack! ha ha. you are a fiend but I love you. -Angela