Sunday, July 19, 2009

Celebrating my heterosexuality* with socks

*To all of my gay friends, I know you don't mind as long as we don't make out in public.

I know most of you prefer your socks to match--probably almost all of you do. If you love the symmetry of twin socks, I support that. Most of my handknit socks are heterosexual. Two socks give me two chances to making something unique and special.
I used to wonder why I think of socks as individuals. I think it comes down to two reasons. The first reason came from my second stepfather. He referred to sock mates as "brothers." I really hated that guy. Everyone knows that socks have mates. They pair bond like humans.
The second reason is probably that my dad is an identical twin. I was raised with the attitude that the more two people look alike, the more they are really exactly the opposite. I guess I've always thought that being exactly like something else is somehow bad or boring.
Maybe I'm just thinking about my marriage too much these days. I have to start a new life with my husband after being single for a year. How am I supposed to pick up the pieces of our old life? The thought of living together again is frightening.
I knit this sock couple from Knit Picks Risatta. It's probably the best elastic yarn I've used, but I don't really like elastic yarn--it splits and feels weird. One is knit from toe up, one cuff down. I made up the cable patterns as I went along.
Whatever their differences, these socks are mated.


Cherri said...

cute post. Nice work

Alwen said...

He's been gone a long time - I know I feel that way every time he's gone for a couple of weeks!