Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I love lunch.

I came back from Korea obsessed with two things: crochet and cooking. Even though we are home for lunch every day, I've been packing the Korean version of bento, dosirak, like a mad woman. The fact that I have a daughter who love white rice more than any other food is only encouraging me. (The girl could live on rice balls.)

I want to share my love of lunch-packing with everyone, so I crocheted this little buddy for my friend's birthday.

All I had to do was crochet a square with cotton yarn. Then I added a few rows of mesh. I crocheted a few lengths of chain to thread through the mesh. When open, the square protects the diner's lap. When the chains are pulled tight, the lunchbox is safe and secure.

I found this box at Walmart for about $7. The lid can be frozen to keep food cool all morning. The silverware were included. The sides secure with clips and seem to be fairly sturdy.

I hope she likes it. I might consider making some more for Christmas. What would you think if someone gave you a lunchbox as a gift?

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CraftyGryphon said...

I'd think it was cool. I'm currently living on "heat on high for 90 seconds" Hormel food - something that didn't require microwaving would be a switch. (And a nice little sandwich... with the ice to keep the lettuce crispy... hm.)