Saturday, March 22, 2008

Better heel pictures

I was impressed with the toe up heels on my last pair of socks. I used the "Catch me if you can" sock pattern from 101 Designer One Skein Wonders. I eliminated the dorky ruffle and used a few plain rib stitches for the body so I could get familiar with Knit Picks sock yarns.

I love being able to do a toe up sock with the stability and reinforcement of a cuff down heel. I highly recommend the pattern.

My entrelac socks didn't work out with the Felici sock yarn I was using. I'm going to start over with something thicker and less delicate. The pattern called for Cascade Fixation, but David hates cotton socks, so I'm going to try Risata. I'll use Eunny Jang's toe up Entrelac Sock pattern from Interweave Spring 2007 to keep the gauge right.

Instead, I'm using a modified version of the Lizard Ridge stripes for this sock. It's really fun and funky. The stripe length for Felici is just about perfect for what I'm doing. I'm working over 72 stitches (David size) and each "bubble" is over 18 stitches.


Alwen said...

I've been looking for a toe-up, heel flap sock pattern. I'm putting a hold on One-Skein Wonders online even as I type!

Nice colorway in that sock, too - which is it?

CraftyGryphon said...

OOO! Short rows all over... that's *so* cool looking.

Ava said...

Cooling looking sock and heel! How do you do the short rows in the round? Did I miss something?