Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Love in every stitch...

I love these mittens and matching hat. They're both knit sideways in garter stitch. The hat is Tychus, from an old Knitty. The mittens are based on a charity crochet pattern my mother makes for the Head Start kids in my home town every year. The closest knit pattern I found was here, but I decided to wing it because my gauge was off.

The yarn was some of my very first handspun. It's 100% alpaca. It's super warm and toasty. I knit the mittens at a tighter gauge than the hat to keep them windproof.

These mittens are not elegant, but there is something cozy in the rough-hewn, homespun, practical-yet-ugly square shape and uneven stitches. The mindless meditation of garter stitch and the pride of knitting with some of my first handmade yarn made this winter set an act of knitted love.

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Team Knit ! said...

I love those mitts! I know what you mean about looking more rustic, I always find garter stitch does that. But they are great!

- Julie