Sunday, October 5, 2008

Card Trick

I have been packaging up my roving for the shop. I like to pick over each piece to pull off imperfect bits and ugly parts. Then I throw the scraps in a box and card all the colors together at random. I grab the batts at random and start spinning.

Spinning batts is very different from spinning combed top. The fibers feel lively and springy with chunks of contrasting textures. I am so in love with this process and the resulting yarn. Every inch of spinning is a surprise. I chain plyed the single to keep the colors somewhat grouped together. I can't wait to make some ragamuffin mittens with this.


CraftyGryphon said...

Wow, I wouldn't have ever thought of doing that, and I love your results.

I can see that this "spinning" thing is just going to be trouble all over the place. Yay!!

(Still searching for a spindle I like; until then, I'm still using my fake candlestick thing.)

Alwen said...

That's a fun and playful looking yarn!

Susan said...

Very pretty results. I just got a spindle because I love looking at all the spinning. I'm just admiring it and the roving right now. Maybe some day I'll actually try. But I like looking at yours.