Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm Knitting a Halloween Costume, Sorta

It's Socktoberfest! I came up with a perfect sock for my husband. What else can you knit for your hero but cartoon colored hosiery?

The socks are so big. Why do men have such huge, wide feet? I used some self-striping Regia with yellow contrast. I'm embroidering the crest on with duplicate stitch. I found the chart on Ravelry, but I'm too lazy and tired to look it up now. Search for "Superman Knit Chart," and you'll find it right away.

Duplicate stitch is fun.

  • David is my hero. Even before he was in the military, he was a firefighter and an EMT. He has a strong need to serve the community and do what is right, good, and helpful.
  • David has patient sea blue green eyes that don't judge. He listens. He tilts his head in this affectionate way when he watches me knit and tells me how happy he is to see me counting stitches on the sofa.
  • David was in the basement when I got the phone call that my brother had died. He was upstairs holding me before I even understood what happened. He held me for 8 solid hours that day, then for the next week after that.
  • David picks me up when I feel like the worst mother on the planet. He believes in my parenting skills more than I do.
  • David would eat anything I cooked, no matter how terrible. Even if I burn dinner. Even if I add a toxic amount of salt to the vegetables. He will eat anything I make him with a smile. (Gotta love a career military man.)
  • David loves me and I am a hot mess.

Happy Socktoberfest! My hero needs a second sock! I only have a few days to finish these to make sure he has a bit of Halloween. It won't be the same sugar-induced coma without him.


melissa said...

hey- that yarn looks awfully familiar! :)
the superhero socks are going to be fantastic!
by the way, the book arrived only 1 day after you sent it! thanks! i mailed you something yesterday!

Linnea said...

Lovely thing to do for David.

My husband is my rock when I am a "hot mess" but I haven't quite brought myself to knit him socks. ;)

Stacy said...

Good going..! Can't wait to see your Halloween costume.