Thursday, August 14, 2008

Actually, it took 5 hours

I made a 3-hour sweater. Because a vintage 16 is much smaller than a modern 16, I had some fudging to do. Instead of worsted weight yarn, I used 400 yards of super bulky handspun I made last year. I knit all ribbing on US size 11 and the body on size 17. I really should have knit it a bit tighter to get some of that va-va-voom sweater-girl curviness. I still need to sew on a button, but I'm calling this done. 5 hours of knitting, sewing, and crocheting an edge ain't bad at all.

I like the sweater a lot. It's not that flattering on me, but it's a great midweight layer for hanging around the house on brisk days. Again, short sleeves keep my precious handknits out of cleaning solutions and spaghetti sauce.

My husband saw this sweater before he left the country. His response? "Wow, honey, you could work road construction and not wear a reflective orange vest."
It's funny how the simple things can make you miss someone so much. It breaks my heart to walk into the garage and see one set of golf clubs. I'm used to seeing our carts parked side by side--my pink bag and his black bag looking like the top of a wedding cake for a golf-themed wedding.


Team Knit ! said...

Ha- your husband's comment is pretty funny! Your handspun looks so pretty all knitted up. great job!

- Julie

Indigo Blue said...

Your husband is as cheeky as mine! I really like the colour and the fact that you have knitted a garment gets high praise from me. i have yet to achieve that.

CraftyGryphon said...

Hey, nothing wrong with being visible! I love that colorway... did you dye it yourself *and* spin it? (I gotta learn to spin.)