Monday, August 18, 2008

Goblin Ganomy

I received two skeins of Manos is colorway 120 for my birthday and started knitting a few things that didn't turn out. I made a pair of lace up fingerless gloves from AlterKnits and decided that I needed a hat to go with it.
I made an Elizabeth Zimmerman Ganomy. It's a little trollish and the colors remind me of a goblin, but I live in the Frozen North, so I can live with a bit of ugly. The shape of this hat is genius for covering the ears and keeping the head warm. Genius. If you don't own Knitter's Almanac, you really should. It's so cheap and utterly useful.

I need to shop for some ribbons to lace up the gloves. I'm thinking of a deep yet dingy turquoise. I'll probably end up with some shade of baby poo since there aren't a lot of notions stores in town.

The drawer I have been filling with winter accessories is almost full. It's a nice feeling to have extra provisions waiting for the harsh season. It's like stocking the cellar with fruit preserves. There is a lot of joy in providing comfort before it's needed.

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