Thursday, August 28, 2008

Care Package

My husband and I have a private joke involving jackalopes. I hope he gets a laugh out of it.

I finished the jackalope last night. I don't blame the results on the pattern. It could have been much better if I'd followed directions. Also, for someone who embroiders as a hobby, I can't embroider on knitwear to save my life. I atttempted the eyes three times before I ripped out the awful stitches and sewed on the buttons. My daughter thinks it looks like a grasshopper with a dolphin bum.
I first heard of Bacon Salt from CraftyGryphon. I am a vegetarian, but my husband isn't. I use Bacon Salt a lot to add smoky flavor to savory dishes. It's really quite good. I'm sending him a taste of home with a shaker top. Maybe it will help with the awful food at the chowhall.

The kids have drawn and decorated tons of stuff for Daddy.
Now I get to fill out customs forms.
Does anyone have ideas for filling the rest of the box? I plan to send these often. Any ideas are welcome.


CraftyGryphon said...

A Jackalope bearing Bacon Salt. Every guy in his unit is going to want to see why he's laughing so hard (and I bet Bacon Salt starts spreading all over Korea, if it hasn't already)! Great idea!!

Lynn said...

Is this considered amurigumi? I love it! I want to make some animals for my grandchildren. Good Job!