Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Technology as Marriage Enrichment

I got to spend a little time with my husband over the Internet. Even though I couldn't hear him, it was nice to update him on the little details of our day. I am so glad we have this technology. A lady I met at the local yarn store told me about how awful it was when her husband was in Korea in the 60s. She got one phone call in the whole six months and they got cut off. She cried for hours.

It's good to see his face. It's good to see his room. I am happy to know that he is healthy and eating, but missing my cooking.

I get to send him things for the same postage as within the US. I've been working on a surprise for him. I have amigurumi fever. As much as I hate following patterns, I've really enjoyed working on this one. I'll link to it when I post finished pictures.

It isn't knitted roadkill, but that would certainly be in sync with the Knit-R-Done spirit of redneck crafting. I'm stuffing it with the bamboo fiberfill I bought and it's working well. It feels more lofty than cotton wadding, but not as artificial and cheap-feeling as polyester. It makes the stuffy feel a bit like a high quality old-fashioned teddy bear.


Lovs2Knit said...

Three cheers for technology! Where did you pick up the bamboo fiberfill?

Abi! said...

Technology is great. My husband watched me take my motorcycle road test via YouTube in Iraq the very day it happened. My grandpa was in Korea when my dad was born and didn't find out til a week later. We've come a long way. I couldn't imagine this deployment without it.

Hugs for you and your husband.