Saturday, December 20, 2008

Attn: Naysayers

For those of you who didn't think I could knit vomit, I present my first Stashbusher Spiral Socks. After years of working in hospitals and clinics, I can honestly say that I've seen prettier vomit.

Holy crap, huh? In a strange way I really love them, though.
I also crocheted some thrummed slippers for my grandmother. I used my handspun Targhee two ply in worsted weight and roving remnants. I used a size F hook for a tight gauge. I wish I had shaped a heel instead of fudging my way without a pattern. This pair looks like a pair of kayaks, but my grandmother has long, skinny feet. I hope they fit okay.
You should try knitting or crocheting some thrummed slippers. It's like walking around with your feet in fluffy warm clouds.
I really want to crochet some thrummed mittens. I have been to four stores looking for the Winter 2008 Interweave Crochet, but I can't find it here. I guess I'll have to order online somewhere. Marly's pattern is genius.
Inside out and outside in.
These slippers are every bit as warm and comfy as they look. Now if I could just get my lazy self to the post office, life would be great.


robyn said...

I'm so glad that you've posted your thrummed projects. I'd never heard of it before. :)

The Interweave site says that the new issue won't hit the stands until December 30. I hadn't looked at what's in it until now. Knowing a thrummed mitten patter is there, makes me WANT IT NOW!

Yarn Thing said...

You have made me blush ;-) I am so very happy that you like the thrummed crochet mittens I made! Too funny that you made some dad has been asking me for some of those ever since he tried on my mittens.

Good job using the smaller hook. I think the pattern works best with a worsted weight yarn and a small hook. BUT, IC had me us a DK weight yarn. Oh well, you did a fantastic job!

Did you happen to watch the YouTube video? If not that will really hope if you have any more questions about thrumming. But, I don't think you have any ;-)

Thanks for the kudos!


Lovs2Knit said...

They don't look that bad, really! Course I also have absolutely no sense of fashion and that makes me happy. I'm a weirdo. ;)

I don't think the new Interweave Crochet is out yet. I'm pretty sure B&N carries that one when it does hit the stands.

I bet those slippers are super warm.

Anonymous said...

I must have crazy eyesight, because it really looks good to me.