Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Crocheted Clapotis

Not a success. Not a failure. Somewhere in between. I ran out of handpainted silk yarn and didn't have a way to get any more from the indy seller. I tried to extend the length with fringe, but it only helps so much.

The drape and shine are perfect. I will try again.

I hope you all stay safe tonight. My brother killed himself and my ten month old niece in a drunk driving accident last New Year's Eve. Please don't drive drunk. Please. Somebody has to find your broken car and body. Somebody has to decide what to bury you in. Somebody has to pick out music to play for your grieving friends. Your family will sit in a funeral parlor crying themselves sick and smelling the embalming fluids from your casket.
Public Service Announcement over.
Happy New Year--cheers to hope.

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